20 Mostly Ridiculous Predictions For The 2014 MLB Season!

Baseball Stadium

Opening Day is a stone’s throw away… I am quite excited. You probably guessed that already.

And as per the usual, I’m going to take a crack at coming up with some predictions for the season. Some will be right, some will be wrong, some I never even expect to come true. It’s up to you to figure out which are real possibilities and which aren’t.

It’s almost time to play ball!

1. A healthy Jose Reyes will steal 40 bases and have 40 extra base hits.

2. The Kansas City Royals will make a legitimate playoff push. But come up short.

3. The Pittsburgh Pirates will make another great run and see the playoffs for back-to-back seasons.

4. The Washington Nationals will win the NL East.

5. Bryce Harper will be in full beast mode from Opening Day til the end of the Nationals playoff run. Top 3 in MVP voting.

6. Giancarlo Stanton will be traded from Miami to a contender, continuing the long and honoured tradition of the Marlins.

7. I may clap, but I will not cheer enthusiastically for Derek Jeter on his farewell tour.

8. Robinson Cano will be the only Seattle Mariner all-star on a 4th place team.

9. David Ortiz will hit 29 home runs and finish the regular season with 99 RBI.

10. Yasiel Puig will be voted an all-star game starter for the National League.

11. Miguel Cabrera will be a force at 1st base for the Tigers, as we all expect.

12. But Mike Trout will finally be the American League MVP. Third time’s a charm.

13. Ervin Santana will be traded by the Braves before the end of the season.

14. Jacoby Ellsbury will be the most valuable New York Yankee this season.

15. Josh Johnson will win 19 games for the San Diego Padres and cash in again with a 4 – 5 deal in 2015.

16. JP Arencibia will be better than he was in 2014 and get a crack at a starting job again in 2015. In the National League.

17. Kelly Johnson is the 3rd baseman for the New York Yankees. I don’t know what to predict there. I’m just sayin’.

18. Dustin McGowan will pitch 205+ innings and not be a bust as a starting pitcher.

19. Prince Fielder will hit 50 home runs in Texas.

20. The Toronto Blue Jays will be playing meaningful baseball games in September 2014.

I can’t tell you how the major league baseball season is going to play out. It’s a long season. 162 games is a marathon. No doubt about it.

But I can tell you that I am pretty damn excited to see it all play out.

Have fun.

Play ball!

Batman At Bat
Batman Baseball



Movember 2013 – Looking Back

Movember 2013 Banner

I love Movember. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, or if you’ve known me for more than the last 4 months, you know this already.

But what I really, really love is being able to be proud of the guys and girls that I work with every year to grow staches, raise money and increase awareness for men’s health initiatives.

I am also proud of the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas that aren’t on my team. This isn’t about who raises the most money, it’s about all of us working together to raise a ton of money for a great cause. I am proud of each and every person who participates, spreads the word, donates and cares about Movember.

Movember Thank You CardAnd it’s easy to be proud when you see the numbers that are in the infographic below these words. Movember sent out an email today to look back on Movember 2013 and how we did as 1 global team of fundraisers. The numbers are amazing. It’s proof positive that the work we are all committed to doing is paying off in the right way. It makes me incredibly happy.

I would also like to take a second to shout out the Toronto Movember team who helped us with exposure and freebies for #MoChaKaTO last November. And they didn’t stop there. Recently I wrote a blog post at work about the great branding work that Movember is doing year round.

Also, they sent me an awesome thank you card that had signatures from the entire office and a sweet message. Thanks to them. They are awesome.

So, take a minute to check out the truly amazing statistics that are in the infographic and click RIGHT HERE to see what’s going on with Movember right now.

Movember 2014 1Movember 2014 2Movember 2014 3

10 More Awesome Country Covers Of Pop Songs

Black Acoustic Guitar

Yesterday the folks over at Buzzfeed posted a list of 17 Awesome Country Covers of Pop Songs. It’s a solid list. I can’t argue with it. I know 12 of the 17 covers and have enjoyed them to varying degrees on the YouTubes and such.

BuzzFeed 17 Awesome Covers of Country SongsBut, there are a lot more awesome country covers out there that Buzzfeed missed.

And because I love country music and I have a soft spot for pop – I’m going to share 10 more awesome country covers of pop songs today!

1. “Born This Way” – Little Big Town

2. “Home” – Blake Shelton

3. “Fast Car” - The Wilkinsons

4. “How To Save A Life” – Jess Moskaluke

5. “You & I” – Miranda Lambert

6. “Free Fallin” - Keith Urban

7. “Sweet Baby James” – The Lovelocks

8. “Wagon Wheel” – Darius Rucker

9. “Night Moves” – Garth Brooks

10. “Life In A Northern Town” – Sugarland ft. Little Big Town & Jake Owen

This one is my favourite. It gives me chills. I love it.

Thank you and goodnight.

My 2014 NCAA March Madness Bracket Is Busted!

Busted Bracket Banner

This is Madness!

How many times have we heard that in the last 2 days?

I love March Madness. And the round of 64 this year is a perfect example why. Yes it’s true that my espn.com bracket is pretty broken up with 23 correct picks and 9 incorrect picks. But it could be worse.

I fully acknowledge that I didn’t have any of the big upsets picked. But man has it been fun to watch some of them happen.

Especially Duke losing to Mercer. Duke was my first loss by a team that I had predicted to win more than 1 game (later joined by VCU) – but I hate the Blue Devils so much that I’m not even mad about getting that pick wrong.

I’ve also been spoiled to watch the round of 64 with some good friends, drinks, food, and great sports debate and conversation. It has very much reminded me why taking of the 1st Thursday and Friday of the tournament is a great idea that I dropped the ball on again.

Side note: In my 2nd pool… the one worth money – I’m 27 out of 32 so far, tied for 1st place and with the most total points still available.

Here’s hoping that you are ready for Saturday and Sunday’s action as we get from 32 teams down to the Sweet 16.

If Thursday and Friday were any indication… we could be in for something really special.

My 2014 NCAA March Madness Busted Bracket

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