SweetGIF.com – My New Fav Toy!

So in case you missed it, Monday was FourSquare Day. A day of celebration for social media geeks who document their whereabouts on a regular basis and share their experiences, thoughts and tips with the rest of the internet world.

The celebrate 4sqDayYYZ (the Toronto edition of the day) we partied hardy at The Pilot in Yorkville.

Good times and Great GIFs were had!

But what really knocked me out was her cheap sunglasses...

That’s right, I said great GIFs. Thanks to Matt and SweetGIF.com we had a hella good time taking 12 frame shots of ourselves being foolish and then staring at them on the big screen at the front of the room.

Matt calls it the JumboTron effect. I call it genius!

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!

I haven’t done the math to see how many GIFs were made at the party… but there are pages and pages of them in the gallery.

Since I love sharing, here’s the link! -> 4sqDayYYZ SweetGIF.com Gallery

Let's hear it for the boy(s)!

Big ups to Amanda and Karly and Julie and everyone else who helped put together the festivities and prizes (Rannie won a tablet, jerk) and free beer from Creemore!

And high fives to Nat & Marie for hanging out and taking the mic and being cool.

I'm in the Matrix!

It was a good Monday night with good friends and new friends and a fun new Internet toy that you can use at home or (call Matt!) at your next party.

Just click the banner at the top of the post and get started. But be ready. Once you click GO, there’s no stopping it!

Have fun kids – you’re the best!


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